Randy Orton, now back from injury, cut a very interesting promo on SmackDown Live earlier this week. The promo has drawn attention from the wrestling world, with some praising Orton for the promo while others criticizing the former Champion for commenting on indie wrestling in the way he did.

During Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray discussed how he personally felt about the promo itself, given that he is prominently known in the wrestling industry- both for WWE and on the independent circuit.

Orton had made comments referencing “indy darlings,” hand gestures such as the Too Sweet and referred to “bingo halls.”

“I enjoyed a variety of things on SmackDown, starting out with Orton’s promo which I think he knocked out of the park. I think he did a great job with it and it was a lot of things. It was the words that he was saying and it was also the tone in his voice, the inflection in his voice and the way he delivered it.

“Randy Orton believed everything he was saying, and if you listened to the reaction of the people, there was hush over the crowd, and that hush wasn’t that they were disinterested. It was a hush like, ‘oh my god! Randy does sound pissed off and it sounds like he’s about to take out all his frustrations out on a lot of different people.'”

David Lagreca also chimed in on the matter, discussing how overlooked Orton’s skills on the microphone have been. Hear their comments in the tweet below:


Did you enjoy the promo cut by Orton? Do you agree with Bully? Sound off in the comments below.

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