The excitement for Daniel Bryan’s return to the squared circle hasn’t dwindled a bit. Every week we see him inside a wrestling ring is an absolute pleasure, and regardless of his position on the card, he continues to be a fan favorite. However, speculation on if Bryan will resign with the WWE is at an all-time high since the “Yes” man hasn’t put pen to paper just yet.

Now according to The Wrestling Standard (formerly PW Stream) WWE is booking D.B.’s feud with the Miz to take place much earlier than originally expected. Sources say that the Miz will cost Team Hell No their match at Extreme Rules against the Bludgeon Brothers and then go on to face Bryan at SummerSlam. In the off chance that Bryan doesn’t re-sign with the company, WWE will have at least cashed-in on a hot storyline that has been building with anticipation ever since their famous Talking Smack segment that to this day remains one of the better modern era WWE promos.

This is just an early report, as there is still time for Bryan to negotiate the deal he wants with the WWE, which could change the possible booking of this future feud. Bryan’s contract is currently set to expire on September 1st.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it continues to advance.

Steve Carrier

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