Daniel Bryan’s current contract negotiations are very interesting because time is ticking down and he still hasn’t signed a new WWE contract. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how Daniel Bryan would have a lot of fun outside WWE and be able to work with better people, the downside is he also said Bryan wouldn’t be able to make as much money.

Meltzer continued to analyze the situation around Daniel Bryan’s current WWE status where he proposed how much money Bryan could make. But in the end, money might not be Bryan’s biggest motivation.

“My impression is he said that he wants to do 50-100 dates a year. So people think that because of that he is leaving. The fact he hasn’t signed a new contract and he has not… maybe he will. A lot of people have been asking me all day long like ‘what’s the prospects? what’s the deal?’ it’s like, he can make good money out of WWE  he doesn’t have to be in WWE. He can not make more money or even close to the same money he can make in WWE out of WWE, not right now. That’s just not the case.”

“He can make a lot of merch money if he wants to hustle but that’s not really his thing. Just going everywhere and doing public appearances and things like that. I mean he can do it. He can make a lot. I think if he wants to do 50-100 dates a year my gut is WWE will be admittable to that. I don’t think they want to lose him. I don’t think they want him on the other side working for New Japan or Ring Of Honor because that’s where he’s going to end up.”

It was noted that the last time someone did this kind of deal it was Steve Austin and then he showed up and they told him he was jobbing to Brock Lesnar on television and he walked out of the company. But it looks like WWE very well could keep Daniel Bryan around because they don’t want him going anywhere else.

The fact also remains that Daniel Bryan would make a bigger difference outside WWE than if he stays with the company. But only time will tell, however, Meltzer said if he’s a betting man Bryan’s not leaving WWE.


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