There are a few rumors out there about new WWE programming that is coming to Fox and FS1 as part of the new WWE deal. All of that will begin in October 2019, but the rumor mill is still going strong.

Fox is spending a ton of money on WWE’s SmackDown franchise and while the deal does feature some other television shows possibly on FS1, some people might be getting presumptuous. Dave Meltzer addressed what he’s heard about NXT moving to FS1 during Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Time will tell on that one. Again, I was told ‘no chance’ actually. I know it’s been reported and it’s possible. I can only ask and people I ask say, ‘there’s no announcements coming, there’s nothing new.'”

“I mean is that possible a year from now? Absolutely. Does it make sense? It actually does. So if it makes sense I could see it happening but I was told not right now. Again, why would they announce it anyway because the earliest it could happen is October 2019? We’re a long ways away.”

Unless Dave Meltzer’s source is working him, it doesn’t sound like NXT is going to be leaving the WWE Network anytime soon. He said only time will tell, but followed by saying it won’t happen so take that for what you will.

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H Jenkins

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