During the latest installment of PWInsider Elite Audio, a reader wrote in and asked if Daniel Bryan has signed a new contract with WWE or if he will be leaving when his contract expires on September 1st.

Mike Johnson mentioned that he has not signed a new deal with WWE but he doesn’t believe he’s going to leave the company.

“I have not heard that Daniel Bryan has come to a new deal with WWE but it’s possible that he has. If he has, no one has told me that. It’s also possible that his deal is going to expire on September 1st. They got some time to work it out. I think if you’re Daniel Bryan, you do whatever is going to make you the most money.”

Johnson also pointed out that WWE has been trying to sign talents to 5-year deals, which would mean if Bryan re-signed, it would be for a good portion of the rest of his career as a full-time performer as he’s getting older in age.

“They have been trying to sign everyone to five year deals. That’s what they signed Owens to. It’s what they signed The Miz to.”

If Bryan signed a 5-year deal, that would put him at 42 years when his contract would run up. You would believe that he would most-likely be trying to get the most money he can for that duration of the contract because he may not be able to score a deal as lucrative if he worked a part-time schedule later down the road.


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