Big E Has Hilarious Conversation With Wendy’s

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It seems that plenty of people know who pro wrestlers are nowadays including the people who run the social media accounts for a couple of popular restaurants. Britt Baker recently decided to take a pit stop at a Cracker Barrel while on the road and snapped a picture in one of thier rocking chairs. While wearing her All In t-shirt she looked like one of The Elite.

The All In Twitter account chimed in and a couple of days later Cracker Barrel responded themselves telling her to give Kenny Omega their congratulations for winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

This was all well and good until Big E noticed Cracker Barrel’s tweet and responded saying: “Is it a requirement to have gone to a PWG show to run a national restaurant chain’s social media? Or just strongly suggested?” After that, Wendy’s Twitter account replied which started a pretty great back and forth.

As you can see from the tweet below the conversation was going pretty well until Big E admitted to stealing cheeseburgers when he was younger and working at the squared burger franchise.

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