WWE’s television shows are about to enter a pretty huge period in their history next year but the current product might need some big work if they’re going to turn things around. Ratings for Raw and SmackDown Live are pretty bad and even though ratings are usually low during the Summer, they’re hitting record numbers.

Brad Shepard discussed this idea on Backstage In WWE where he brought up the fact that a source of his inside WWE let him know recently that they are well aware of how the product is coming across on television.

“Everybody knows it. I was talking to a source in WWE they said that essentially there’s not anything compelling to discuss on a storyline standpoint. Everybody knows it, it’s not a secret. The people in the company know it. Everybody knows it, it’s just not good TV and we’ve talked about this as they go into a new big-money deal with NBC U and also Fox which is a huge-money deal. I presume they want ratings to improve and if they do then they have to improve because this is not the kind of show that’s going to draw a casual audience this is not a show that is going to draw in any more of the hardcore fans that already watch.”

WWE would be very wise to try and turn things around before there are some big-money deals in play because things might not be looking too good at the moment.

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H Jenkins

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