CM Punk and Colt Cabana won their case where Dr. Chris Amann was sueing them for libel. But in the end, a lot of people forgot about Cabana’s name in the headlines. But the reality is that this case has affected Colt Cabana’s life just as much as CM Punk’s for the past few years.

Dave Meltzer opened up on Wrestling Observer Radio about how Colt Cabana turned out being the real victim in this court case.

“[CM Punk] could probably afford it, he had a lot of big years in wrestling I think he’s probably set, he’s going to make money on his UFC fight and he’s got plenty of ways to make money if he wants to if he wants to use his name and do autographs shows or do whatever he wants to in life he can find ways to make money.”

“You know for Cabana it’s a tougher deal. You know Cabana never had $1 million years or anything like that. I feel genuinely bad for Cabana. I think he is the wronged of all parties he is completely innocent and wronged party and with Punk you know he shouldn’t have been sued but again I think I see why it happened. But it shouldn’t have happened.”

It looks like Colt Cabana will continue on with business as usual. But all of this could have easily been avoided if this unnecessary lawsuit was never brought up in the first place.

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