Interesting Restrictions On Greatest Royal Rumble Ringside Seats


The Greatest Royal Rumble is causing some issues when it comes to cultural differences and the seating arrangement has sparked some controversy. editor Brad Shepard spoke on Backstage In WWE about the Greatest Royal Rumble’s seating requirements where he explained some of the reasons behind these restrictions.

“A single man, they have to be kind of shoved way in the back. They want a specific presentation on TV to, I guess to display a certain culture and presence and so that’s what they’re going for.You must be accompanied by a woman if you’re going to sit ringside.”

Therefore if you wanted to watch the Greatest Royal Rumble in the arena and you didn’t bring your wife then you’re not getting the best seat in the house. Even though they won’t let women compete during the event they still want to make sure women are at ringside enjoying the action so they can be seen on television.

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