X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/Glacier – Responding to Eric Bischoff, Terms of X-Pac’s WWE Deal, Development of ‘Glacier’ Character, More!

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X-Pac says that he and Bischoff only settled their differences a few years ago. They rarely saw each other after X-Pac was fired from WCW, and even when Bischoff came to WWE years later X-Pac was gone by then. He notes that they worked together a bit in Impact and things were okay between them then. He adds that he really enjoys his time around Bischoff now.

X-Pac informs that WCW and WWE would try to play Hall, Nash, Shawn Michaels and the other Kliq members against one another from time to time but it never worked. They had an oath to ensure nobody ever became them and that’s why they were so strong as a group.

X-Pac is asked if he’s ever thought about what would have happened if he would have returned from injury and stayed with WCW. He says he doesn’t even want to think about it, because a lot of really cool things wouldn’t have happened if he would have stayed in WCW at that time.

He informs that the deal he ended up signing in WWE was $50,000 more than he was initially making in WCW. His downside guarantee was $300,000/year, but he made way more money than that. He even made over $1 Million some years due to merchandise sales and PPV revenues.

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