Will SmackDown Ratings Go Up Just Because Of Fox Move?

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SmackDown Live is moving to Friday nights in October 2019 where Fox will be their new home. This venture over to broadcast television could be a big deal for WWE not only because they will be able to have the assistance of Fox to promote their product but also because of all the extra viewers a channel like Fox can bring in.

Dave Meltzer was asked during Wrestling Observer Radio whether he thought ratings will naturally increase in a move to Fox breaking their trend of just over 2 million viewers on USA Network.

“Yes, I believe it too. 30% more homes but Friday is a worse night. But even if you say Friday is 20% down from Tuesday you’re in 30% more homes and you’re on a bigger station with a bigger base audience. So it should be up noticeably.”

“They’ve been doing over 3 million viewers on a Friday, will SmackDown draw 3 million? I think it will.”

It looks like WWE’s new deal with SmackDown Live might not just an amazing addition to the WWE Universe but it could also be a guaranteed source for more viewers on a weekly basis.

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