CM Punk’s on-going trial with Dr. Chris Amann revealed several things and the Art Of Wrestling podcast was picked apart by both sides.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that one thing said during that time struck him as very unusual.

“The other thing so I don’t misinterpret it is the thing with Punk and Vince is actually Punk’s description of a conversation with Vince where Vince was calling UFC barbaric and he couldn’t believe they had women there and Punk was like, ‘yeah and the women are drawing big numbers’ and things like that. Trying to portray that Vince didn’t know what and you know, come on.”

“I know Vince isn’t big on the outside world and there’s a lot of stuff most people know that Vince doesn’t know if it’s outside the wrestling world but you’re not going to tell me he wasn’t pretty aware of what’s going on there because that was groundbreaking for the whole business, I mean Ronda’s drawing power.”

“I was listening to Punk talk about that and I was like, ‘this story doesn’t add up to me.”

Another reason why you could probably saw that Vince was aware of Ronda Rousey’s popularity is the fact that they built such a deal around her coming into WWE.

This case between CM Punk and Dr. Chris Amann isn’t about if Vince McMahon knew about UFC’s huge pay-per-view buys. But only time will tell how many details play into a jury’s decision.


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