Daniel Bryan is still one of the top faces on SmackDown Live even if he is in a rivalry with Big Cass at the moment. He is allowed to wrestle once again and fans love having him back. But his contract is up in September and he reportedly hasn’t signed a new deal with WWE.

Dave Meltzer addressed Daniel Bryan’s status on Wrestling Observer Radio and while sticking to his story that Daniel Bryan isn’t likely to go anywhere else, Meltzer did mention how well Bryan could do on his own.

“He could make a lot of money on indie shows but he cannot make more than he does in WWE, not now. Could he conceivably if, you know the economics change in some form… he could make great money outside of WWE that’s not an issue. But for him not WWE money.”

It really doesn’t sound like Daniel Bryan is going to leave WWE at this point. He’s cleared to wrestle and he’s making great money doing what he loves to do. But there’s always the chance he could strike out on his own and do pretty well even if he’s willing to take a small pay cut.

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