Below are some notes from Friday’s Impact Wrestling tapings courtesy of mambomike:

Eli drake was there. He faced grado. There was also a lot of a pretty good program between Madison Rayne and Tessa Blanchard Austin Aries defended the title Desi hot squad beat DJ Z and Andrew Everett Later in the night Andrew Everett and Dezmond Xavier tore it up. Trevor Lee had a great match with rich swann. Amoung other things. There was also a lot of su yung stuff which was awesome. D’Angelo Williams also returned. Sounds like he’s in it full time now.

Here are more notes from The_Cancerous:

They had a basic debut. I don’t watch much Impact but I’ll tell you what I remember.


Their manager came in and cut a prematch promo about India being #1 in everything, they came out and had their match vs. Z&E. He distracted the ref after Everett hit his big moonsault and got the rollup win.

Lee v. Swann was great. Swann got the W.

D’Angelo Williams had an interview, interrupted by Austin Aries and got beat by a chair.

Eli Drake beat Grado.

Three segments of Tessa and Rayne.

Eddie Edwards interrupted a match between Xavier and Everett before it even started with a kendo stick and cut a promo on Tommy Dreamer.

Rayne promo interrupted by Tess, Su Yung’s screams hit and Tessa knocked Rayne out with a surprise hook.

Rayne v. Tessa, Rayne wins and Tessa gets a post match beat down.

Tag match of Rayne/Allie v. Su Yung and a bridesmaid or whatever tf those are. Tessa runs in while the ref was knocked and beat down Rayne but Allie fought her off. They got the W on the random bridesmaid.

There were probably under 250 people there. 3 rows of Ringside and big bleachers full of people across from the hard cam.

Sami Callahan and OVE also beat the piss out of a poor Aussie kid. Put Pentagon(?)’s mask on him and beat him bad. Turned a match into kinda a promo.

Also don’t think these were televised but some local guys had matches.

Aries v. Prince was a good match. They fought after and Prince sent the fans home happy.

Kongo Kong and Matt Sydal beat two locals

Xaiver beat Phil Atlas

Like I said, there wasn’t many people there.

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