WWE is a land of intrigue and excitement but it looks like they might have pulled the trigger on Ronda Rousey’s first title match too early. But for every confusing decision, WWE makes there is usually an explanation backstage why they went that direction.

Dave Meltzer discussed on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE sort of backed themselves in a corner with Ronda Rousey and for some reason decided to put her in a championship match extremely early in her singles career.

“You know this whole thing was obviously something thrown together with no planning because they shot the angle for Ronda and Mickie James and after they shot the angle they completely dropped it. Now it’s Ronda and Nia Jax.”

“I think the idea is they need [Rousey] on these pay-per-views and they didn’t want to put her in a ladder match and they shouldn’t put her in a ladder match. They could have put her against Mickie James. They could have put her against Bayley, you know an experienced wrestler — it’s obviously too soon for Natalya.”

There were a lot of options WWE could have gone with but it appears they jumped straight to a title match. Only time will tell if that was the right decision in the end..

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