WrestleMania 35 is set for New Jersey and it looks like WWE might be booking a long-term feud for the big show.

But as Bryan Alvarez pointed out on Wrestling Observer Radio, his pick for the WrestleMania main event might need some careful planning if WWE expects fans to accept it as the capper for next year’s Showcase Of The Immortals.

“I can’t guarantee anything but you wanna know my prediction for the WrestleMania main event next year? My prediction for the main event the match that closes next year’s WrestleMania. My prediction is Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte.”

“Now I predicted this a couple days after this year’s WrestleMania but already I care less about that match because of Carmella beating Charlotte. If Ronda goes in there and gets beaten or they have a schmoz finish and they feud, I don’t care about that match.”

It was pointed out that if WWE is looking at Ronda vs Charlotte to close out WrestleMania 35 then their long-term plan needs to tell a better story that would allow people to care a little bit more about the idea.

It was pointed out that fans don’t forget and they might not be able to accept Charlotte Flair’s clean loss to Carmella if they expect a good build toward WrestleMania 35. Only time will tell how they continue to tell the story with Ronda Rousey following Money In The Bank as well which only adds more problems to this booking idea.


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