After a promo video telling the story of how All In came to be, Cody Rhodes, Benard The Business Bear walked out to start the show and the crowd got their “All In” chants out of the way.

Here are the bullet points from the intro:

  • Host Jenn Decker said “hi Vince” and then said that “Vince doesn’t know how to use the internet followed by a “fuck you, Vince” chant.
  • Names for Starrcast were listed off
  • Then CM Punk was mentioned that he will be at Pro Wrestling Tees doing an autograph signing the day before All In. Nothing else was mentioned about Punk.
  • There are no corporate sponsors for the event

Cody Rhodes came out next:

  • Cody said All In isn’t about a bet, it’s about a feeling he has in common with The Young Bucks
  • They want to break the status quo and give us elite wrestling
  • A Flip Gordon chant broke out and Cody no-sold it by saying, “thank you”
  • Cody mentioned again that CM Punk will be here signing at Pro Wrestling Tees before All In but left it at that.
  • Cody said he wanted to talk about another brand and said he will let his next guest talk about it. Then he introduced Billy Corgan.


Billy Corgan got a little bit of a “Billy” chant before the owner of the NWA started speaking:

  • Corgan said the NWA will be involved in All In and the NWA Championship will be defended at the event.
  • Billy Corgan said he was told by Steve Austin that Chicago is one of the best wrestling city on the planet.
  • Cody said he will be the one challenging for the NWA Title

Tessa Blanchard came out next and spoke about her family name and how she has to take a minute sometimes to ask how they got there All In is something special. Tessa said she’s proud to be a part of it and put over the event and the women they have already announced for All In.

Hangman Adam Page and Marty Scurll came out to a bunch of “whoop whoop” chants. Then Marty opened the floor for questions.

  • One person just wanted to tell them they looked handsome
  • They were asked if Joey Ryan would be at the event and some “kick his ass” chants started so Hangman asked for the next question which prompted some “violence” chants after Scurll said there would be no violence.
  • Some guy from the Flat Earth Press asked about talking to Cody to book Flip Gordon at All In. Marty said he doesn’t actually hate Flip but there are only so many high spot high flyers they can book. But people don’t want to see Flip Gordon which started “we want Flip” chants.
  • Then Marty asked the guy from the Flat Earth Press to walk up to the stage and they took off his hat to reveal it was Flip Gordon in under a fake mustache.
  • The crowd started chanting for Flip and he superkicked Marty Scurll before tearing off his shirt to reveal a “Book Flip” shirt underneath. Then Hangman Page hit a spinebuster through one of the tables on Flip Gordon.
  • Marty pulled Hangman off of Flip and they left.

Then they continued the press conference with Flip Gordon selling the table spot right next to her. The Young Bucks came out next. They said it’s awkward to see Flip on the ground next to them so Benard The Business Bear came out to take Flip away.

  • The Young Bucks said Flip Gordon is still not booked for All In
  • They said the tickets are cheap because there’s only one number they care about and that’s 10,000 because they want to fill the arena.
  • They put over their Hot Topic and Funko Pop deals and said they will fill the Sears Centre because of them.
  • Then Nick Jackson tweeted out the announcement that REY MYSTERIO IS ALL IN.
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