Interesting Way The Saudis Asked For Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler For The Greatest Royal Rumble

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The Greatest Royal Rumble featured as many top names WWE could find and even brought in a few that we wouldn’t expect to see make the trip.

Although it was nice to have Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler travel to Saudi Arabia it wasn’t really something fans thought would happen.

But it turns out this took place at the request of the Saudi Arabians. Along with asking for a couple Superstars who are no longer with us, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that the Saudis also requested for JR and The King to make the trip as well. They just had a very interesting way of asking for them since they didn’t know their names.

There was a request to bring in the announcers with the crown and the black hat, which explains the original announcement that Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler would be calling the show.

This just goes to show that the Saudi Arabians might have been happy to have WWE make the trip but they probably haven’t watched the product for a very long time.

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