Edge and Christian open today’s show by speaking about the passing of WWE legend and Hall of Famer, Bruno Sammartino. Edge says that Sammartino might just be the biggest WWF/WWE star ever when you consider the amount of sellouts he main-evented at Madison Square Garden, and the fact that he held the WWE Title for 2 reigns spanning over 11 years.

Christian notes that Sammartino wouldn’t have stayed on top that long if he wasn’t drawing money, and calls him a legend who’ll never be forgotten. Edge adds that Sammartino was a very classy man who lived a good life.

Christian mentions that he was thinking this past week about the possibility of WrestleMania becoming a 2-day event. He notes that with WrestleMania’s growing popularity and running time, perhaps two 3/4 hour events on Saturday and Sunday nights featuring their own set of matches and main events would be an interesting way to go.


Edge points out that he and Christian are having a great time writing and filming season 2 of the Edge and Christian show for the WWE Network. He adds that in addition to his and Christian’s writing, they have a couple of extra writers working on this season with them, and he thinks it’ll be even better than Season 1.

Edge and Christian welcome Breezango to the show.

Edge asks Fandango how he thinks the recent Superstar Shakeup will affect Breezango. Fandango points out that it’s hard to get television time as a tag team in WWE if you’re not in the Title picture. The Fashion Files segments kept them on television for over a year which was a huge break for them. Breeze adds that on a 2-hour show like Smackdown Live they couldn’t see the light of day, especially with all the other talent in their tag division. Hopefully that changes now that they’ve moved to RAW.

Breeze mentions that he and Fandango were thrown together randomly like Goldust and R-Truth. Fandango got hurt shortly thereafter and while he was out of action he mentioned something about Fashion Police which Breeze thought was a good idea. Breeze started dressing as a cop and when Fandango came back from injury he started doing the same, and they soon realized they had something quite entertaining on their hands and they knew they had to try to get it on television.

Fandango notes that he debuted on the main roster with a big push and it didn’t work out. He didn’t really handle not being on television every week well at all, and getting paired with Breeze was a second chance for him. They decided to be proactive when they weren’t getting television time, and they started to shoot promos for WWE.com on their own accord. They wanted to put the work in as best they could in order to give their characters a chance.

Breeze adds that they were trying to prove to WWE officials that they’re a commodity that demands television time. Social media has been the key to their success, and after seeing the response to their segments online Vince McMahon even told them, “I don’t get it, but keep doing it”.

Breeze points out that as a WWE Superstar you just have to make their own luck to a degree. Edge mentions that someone like The Miz is a great example of this. Miz had some lean years before and after his WWE Championship run, but he just keeps showing up to work everyday and does everything WWE asks of him.

Fandango admits that early on he took television time for granted, and after he was held off television for a full year he started to realize how important television time is. He notes that all his eggs are in one basket since he’s been wrestling since he’s 16, and although he didn’t handle his initial struggles in WWE well, he’s learned how to handle those things better as he’s matured. He adds that working with Breeze over last couple of years has been the most fun he’s had in his career.

Christian says that working as a comedy tag team is great, but when you get in the ring you need to switch gears and make people believe that you’re credible as in-ring performers. Breeze agrees and recalls the one tag team Title match against The Usos from several months ago when dressed like a janitor and a granny. Although the match as riddled with comedy, by the end of the match fans were on their feet thinking Breezango was about to win the tag Titles. He took pride in that match because that’s a tough thing to accomplish.

Edge asks Breezango if there are any RAW performers that they’d like to work with. They both mention that they’d like to work with The Revival because they’re polar opposites. They can show that they can compete with The Revival physically in the ring, and The Revival can show another side of their character out of the ring.

Fandango informs that he started wrestling on indies in 1999 and started in WWE’s developmental territory in 2006. He’d had lots of opportunities to give up, but he kept pushing and eventually got the call to the main roster in 2012. He saw lots of his friends and colleagues get called up to the main roster before him but he refused to give up, and eventually he got the call as well.

Breeze mentions that he’s nearly been let go from WWE several times. He was picked to be a part of the ESPN E60 documentary that focused on a few NXT Superstars, and Triple H told him after the fact that he was picked to be a part of that show because he was supposed to be the Superstar that didn’t make it and was cut at the end of the show. Plans changed as that documentary was being filmed as Triple H noticed how good his work was in the ring.

That sums up today’s episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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