E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Aleister Black – WrestleMania Weekend Recap, Development of “Aleister Black” Character, Goals Moving Forward, More!

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Edge & Christian open today’s show by speaking about last weekend’s NXT Takeover and WrestleMania events.

Edge informs that he really enjoyed the match between Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa. He thought this was a much different match than Gargano’s bout with Almas on the last Takeover, but he loved that this match had the emotion of the “blood feud” that this was. Christian agrees, pointing out that this match needed to give fans the feeling that both competitors hated to lose more than they wanted to win.

Christian said months ago that if someone wanted to stand out in NXT they’d just be a true heel. Ciampa has done that lately, and Edge points out that Lars Sullivan is doing the same thing right now. By devoting themselves to being real heels, both Ciampa and Sullivan are standing out right now.

Christian thought the WrestleMania card was really good but he thought it was too long. When people have to sit for that long, good matches may not get the treatment that they deserve from the live audience because they’re simply exhausted from the hours of entertainment that they’d already sat through.

Edge and Christian both agree that the Charlotte/Asuka match was spectacular, and they both consider it to be their favourite match on the card. Christian thinks it was the right move to have Charlotte break Asuka’s streak and Edge agrees, pointing out that this will help Asuka in the long run. Asuka doesn’t need to be a buzzsaw anymore, and now she can be booked in different situations where she can get sympathy from the WWE Universe.

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