New Details On Alicia Fox’s Confrontation With Travis Browne


Alicia Fox had an altercation with Ronda Rousey’s husband Travis Browne during WrestleMania weekend. When The Sun got ahold of a video depicting the incident it soon spread like wildfire. But there are a couple new details on this situation in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Apparently, the incident started elsewhere and ended up at the location where the video was shot. At around 12:30 am, Alicia Fox got into a confrontation with somebody who was accompanying Browne. But about two hours later they ended up in the same place once again.

This is when Foxy walked up to Travis Browne and started getting in his face. Travis Brown had no idea what was happening either and the situation was quickly taken care of. But that didn’t stop a video from soon surfacing.

Rousey wasn’t with her husband during this situation either and WWE is said to not be very happy with Alica Fox about the matter. Fox hasn’t been on television since she broke her tailbone in January while rehearing the Women’s Royal Rumble but she is reportedly only a few weeks away from being cleared for an in-ring return.

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