Xavier Woods Ditched WWE Hall of Fame for Game of Giant Connect 4 At A Bar

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The WWE Hall Of Fame is amazing because at the beginning of the night we can’t wait to see it all go down but by the middle our butts are dragging and we’re begging for the release of some kind of music playing off a legend before they tell another story we really wouldn’t get because we weren’t there.

This year’s WWE HOF was pretty fun though, but although Xavier Woods shows up with Kofi Kingston and Big E looking like a Motown band on the red carpet, Woods obviously didn’t stick around long.

During the ceremony, just about the time Mark Henry was about to take the stage, Xavier woods started a live Instagram video where he was watching dudes play connect 4 on a massive board. Perhaps this was a WWE-related outing because he did say the winner got tickets to WrestleMania, but it’s an awfully odd time to be holding an event in a bar during the WWE HOF ceremony.

Either way, it looks like Xavier Woods is still having a great time in NOLA.

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