During today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed AJ Styles’ injury and speculated that he possibly suffered an MCL injury.

“He’s hurt but I don’t think there is any big problem with him doing the match since he worked all weekend. They did SmackDown eight-man tag matches, with AJ teaming with The New Day in the main events. He didn’t do much in the ring. He was there and did wrestle which means he was cleared. There is nothing for him to worry about in doing the match. Knowing him and the fact that it’s WrestleMania, even if he’s on one leg he’s going to have a great match with Nakamura. My presumption is it’s an MCL injury but it’s still not confirmed.”

If Meltzer is correct about Styles’ injury, recovery time on the injury can differ. A minor grade 1 MCL tear can be from a few days to a week, while a grade 2 can take from two to four weeks to heal. UCSF Health has the following information regarding recovery for the injury:

“Recovery times differ depending on the severity of the injury: A minor, or grade 1, MCL tear can take from a few days to a week and a half to heal sufficiently for you to return to normal activities, including sports. A grade 2 tear can take from two to four weeks to heal. A grade 3 tear usually takes from four to eight weeks to heal, unless it is associated with damage to the ACL, in which case the recovery time may be longer.”

With Styles’ working the weekend house shows, it’s very possible that he only has a grade 1 or grade 2 and not a grade 3. We will keep you updated if we receive any other information on his injury and WrestleMania status.

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