Apparently the US Marshal that was elbowed in the face this past week on RAW did not suffer a dislocated jaw as he claimed he did via Twitter after the incident.

Kristpher Haiden, one of the “US Marshals” used on RAW this week, took to Twitter to call us out for covering this as a story. Instead of reaching out to us, he decided to mock dirt sheets for picking up the remarks he made on Twitter.

In our defense, it’s 2018 and you probably shouldn’t go on Twitter and say your jaw is dislocated from an incident if it’s really not because it will become a story very quickly. That’s just the nature of the business.

Update: Haiden has reached out to us and apologized, which you can see in the tweet below.

Steve Carrier

Steve is the Founder of RingsideNews. He has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He first got into website development at the time and has been focusing on bringing his readers the best professional wrestling news at it's highest quality.

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