Dinner With the King Recap – Thoughts on Dirt Sheet Writers, Hall of Fame Class of 2018, Return of the XFL? More!

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Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host Glenn Moore.

Lawler opens today’s show speaking about WWE’s plans to host shows on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. He says he’s sure they’ll put off some great shows but he feels bad for the guys and girls who have to work on Christmas Day.

Lawler talks about the origins of the term ‘dirt sheet’. He informs that the term ‘dirt sheet’ originated from the fact that the initial news was written on old dirty sheets of paper. He was never a fan of the dirt sheet writers because they profited from exposing people’s private lives.

He adds that nobody in the wrestling business liked Dave Meltzer back in the day. As the years have passed the writers have become more accepted and there are hundreds of people doing it now so there’s no point in singling out Meltzer and hating him.

Lawler says he had a lot of fun working on XFL broadcasts back in the day. He still thinks that the XFL could have worked if Vince McMahon was allowed to run it on his own, without the interference of Dick Ebersol and NBC executives. The XFL needed to be different than the NFL, and McMahon tried to accomplish this by combining the worlds of football and sports entertainment.

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