While appearing on Hot 97 FM in New York city on Tuesday, Daniel Bryan talked about how WWE is resistant on allowing him to return to the ring. Bryan said that WWE is standing firm that they’re not comfortable with him performing as an in-ring performer after he was forced into retirement due to concussion and medical concerns several years ago.

WWE feels that Bryan has had “too many” concussions and that’s part of the reason they haven’t brought him back. Bryan believes that there’s been a lot of miseducation about concussions and he’s been working with a concussion institute in Phoenix. Bryan would then explain how concussions aren’t a death sentence and you should be able to return once you heal from them.

When the host suggested that WWE could be merely trying to protect him, Bryan said that he’s been cleared by experts that WWE sent him and his brain EKGs have been excellent. Bryan said that the hard part for him personally is that “all these specialists” have told him he can wrestle, but he’s not allowed to wrestle.

Steve Carrier

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