Steve Austin Show Unleashed Recap w/ The Club – Dealing with ‘Stinky’ Opponents, Handshake Heat, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, More!


Austin is joined on today’s show by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson for part 2 of their interview.

The three men talk about how something as simple as a handshake can get you heat in the business of professional wrestling. Austin points out that when he was first breaking into the business he’d shake everyone’s hand firmly, like he was taught as a child.

At some point the business changed and shaking hands firmly became a sign of being a stiff worker in the ring. If you shook someone’s hand firmly that was a guaranteed signal to them that you’re ‘green’ and hard to work with in the ring. Unfortunately, it took a long time for that information to spread throughout the wrestling community worldwide, and if an uninformed talent shook a veteran talent’s hand firmly that could have gotten them heat.

Gallows informs that he was working for WWE as an extra many years ago and when he went backstage he shook Victoria’s hand firmly and she warned him then and there to not do that. He realizes now that she probably saved him from getting some heat backstage during those years by giving him that warning.

At another point while he was working as an extra for WWE, Gallows showed up to the building and didn’t really know where to go so he went into a room labeled “Male locker room” and sat down alone. After some time Bob Holly walked in and asked him who he was. Gallows told him he was there to work as an extra and Holly told him he couldn’t sit there, so Gallows moved down the bench a ways.

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