Ryback discusses the news that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have been sent home from WWE’s UK tour. Apparently Owens and Zayn failed to execute their role correctly during last week’s Smackdown Live match between Zayn and Kofi Kingston. Ryback says he looked at the film from that match and he didn’t see much there to back up those reports.

He thinks that part of this story is definitely getting blown out of proportion, and he’ll be shocked if it’s confirmed that those two guys blatantly ignored orders. He says that performers aren’t going to ignore McMahon’s orders on purpose because it’s basically career suicide. Wrestling only works because the performers can trust each other, and once that trust disappears the business is in trouble.

He adds that as a performer, you can argue with Vince McMahon all day about certain creative decisions. However, once he puts his foot down and gives you your final instructions for that night, you have to do what your told.

Ryback says he’s been watching less and less wrestling lately, but he was able to see the WWE Title match from last week’s Smackdown Live between A.J. Styles and Jinder Mahal. He says he likes Mahal and calls him a great guy, but he thinks Styles/Lesnar is a much better matchup for Survivor Series. He thinks this match has great potential because Styles is so creative, and he can work around Lesnar’s incredible physical presence.


Ryback comments on the news that Bram recently parted ways with Impact Wrestling. He says Bram is a talent who the company used pretty consistently for a long period of time, and it’s too bad to see him leaving the organization. Bram is another name on a lengthy list of talents who have recently left Impact, and Ryback is unsure how the company is going to go on if these departures continue.

He mentions that WWE has reportedly signed former Impact Superstar, Rockstar Spud. Ryback met Spud recently and he thought he was a very nice guy. Ryback is very happy for him if the rumours are true that he’s heading to WWE, and he thinks Spud could bring a lot of personality to 205 Live.

Ryback talks about the announced Chris Jericho/Kenny Omega match for Wrestle Kingdom. He was surprised when he first heard this news and he thought it was a very random matchup. Nonetheless, he’s sure those two guys will have a great match. Ryback also points out that Jericho is very busy right now promoting his ‘Jericho Cruise’ which will occur next year.

He assumes that Jericho’s partnership with NJPW came about as a result of Jericho using some of their talents on the cruise. Jericho reportedly asked Triple H about using NXT talents for the cruise first but he was denied, and Ryback says that WWE probably wanted nothing to do with the cruise because of the heavy drinking that will certainly be involved.

Ryback thinks WWE could do some good business with Omega at some point in the future, and he says he’d love to work with Omega at some point down the line as well.

Ryback comments on the news that Sin Cara was injured on WWE’s overseas tour. He says this is very unfortunate for Sin Cara, who has had a lot of bad luck in suffering several injuries in the past.  He hasn’t spoken with Sin Cara in a while but he considers him to be a good friend, and he hopes this recent injury isn’t anything too serious.

That sums up today’s episode of Conversation With the Big Guy. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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