It was reported last week that WWE may have put the WWE Championship Title on AJ Styles because the lack of interest in the upcoming Survivor Series event and/or the poor rating for the Halloween edition of SmackDown.

Edge mentioned on Podcast of Awesomeness that it may have actually had to do with the USA Network debuting a new television show directly after SmackDown Live this week. Edge would then reveal that it wouldn’t be the first time WWE has helped out the USA Network, as they have done so in the past with the debut of Shooter.

“I think there’s probably a few factors that go in. I think USA was debuting a new TV series after, and while some of you may scoff and say WWE wouldn’t change their business for that, yes they would. Shooter was debuting, and they stacked the 900th episode of SmackDown. That’s why I was there, that’s why Taker was there. They’ll do those things because they’re on the USA Network, and USA asked for a favor, so they’ll do them a favor.”

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