RAW General Manager Kurt Angle recently participated in a Q&A on Facebook. Here are some highlights from the session:

QUESTION: Why haven’t we seen a all women’s elimination chamber match for the Raw women’s champion title belt?

Kurt Angle: “Patience. You will.”

QUESTION: Kurt, do you think Cesaro will eventually get his well-deserved main event push?

Kurt Angle:  “Yes, Cesaro deserves it, but I love him and Shaemus tagging together. Give it some time.”

QUESTION: What is your opinion on SaNiTy? Would you like to have them on Monday night Raw?

Kurt Angle: “Of course. They’re a great staple with a promising future. Love these guys.”

QUESTION: What’s the craziest thing you did in ur childhood

Kurt Angle:  “Started amateur wrestling. LOL. It’s like asking to be abused every day. Toughest sport I’ve ever participated in. It was a love-hate relationship.”

QUESTION: Hey Kurt, just wanted to know your opinion on being in 2K18? Are you excited?

Kurt Angle: “It’s an honor and a long time coming. It really is a dream come true. As a kid, we all want to be an action figure or in a video game. My dream has been played out in 2K18.”

QUESTION: Any plans for a new book? (My brother and wife really want to know)

Kurt Angle: “Yes I do. I’m letting my present life play out a bit before I release another book. Lots to tell. We all have our stories.”

QUESTION: Hey Kurt what was your fondest house show memory the first time you started working for the company?

Kurt Angle:  “Not my ‘fondest’, but most memorable…lol. Big Show decided to prank me and stuck his giant finger in my backside during a Battle Royal. Horrible. Not funny at the time. Funny now…LOL.”

QUESTION: Who was the biggest nightmare for you? Steve Austin, John Cena or the Rock?

Kurt Angle: “They were all incredible. Intense. But Austin had another gear…an overdrive. He was an animal in the ring.”

Steve Carrier

Steve is the Founder of RingsideNews. He has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He first got into website development at the time and has been focusing on bringing his readers the best professional wrestling news at it's highest quality.

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