Paige's WWE Career Basically Over

Paige’s WWE Career Basically Over

Paige was informed earlier this week by WWE that she will not be cleared to return to action following her recently injury.

PWInsider reports Paige was given the news this past Monday and multiple sources are saying that she is “done” as an in-ring competitor. It was first believed that Paige only suffered a stinger in her match two weeks ago against Sasha Banks but further tests have indicated that her condition is worse than expected. The decision was made not to clear her once they got the results of the tests back. Paige’s situation is very similar to what happened with Edge back in 2011, when he was forced into retirement.

Moving forward the company may assign her an on-air personality role, where she doesn’t have to get physical but still have a position in the company. This has been done with talents such as Daniel Bryan, who is the SmackDown GM and Corey Graves, who is an announcer for RAW and SmackDown.


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  • Mr. Sinister

    Beat you to it.

  • Sergio Vazquez

    Thanks a lot Sasha Banks

    • Mr. Sinister

      It really was a matter of time. It could have happened with any spot.

    • Rachel Modrow

      Pretty sure Sasha didn’t mean too..

      • Ortiz

        A lot of bad things happen despite somebody’s intentions. Doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be more careful.

        It a dumb decision on Sasha’s part to do that 100% from behind without any great way to prepare for it. Anyone could’ve been taken out of commission from receiving a move from behind like that.

        • daleh33

          just ironic that all of a sudden Paige comes back and it “pushes” Sasha towards the back of the line and then this happens.

  • Mr. Sinister

    Once she got that surgery done to her neck.. she would have had to walk on eggshells the rest of her career. They should have eased her back into the ring, given her live shows off. But oh well. Bit overrated imo. Let her manage absolution and cut bait when her contract expires. Ala Daniel

    • TheVoicz

      She got “eased” in alright before coming back into the WWE lol.

      • Mr. Sinister

        Wouldn’t necessarily call that “easing” her in….Woods, Maddox and who ever that third guy was sure didn’t ease it in. Ripped a few layers on the way in.

        • TheVoicz



    I feel really sorry for her, she came back from a long-ass vacation and came back with a very strong storyline I was loving where it was going.. but now reality just smack that ass harder than that Xavier Woods… smh maybe she can be a manager

  • ScottyPNR

    Now 98% of the current women’s diviosn can’t wrestle which includes nxt

  • joegvo

    Maybe now Dana Warrior doesn’t have to be the next general manager.

    • Mike

      Maybe now Paige will be a close first ballot candidate for the Warrior award. You know since it’s all bout making the company look good and not for the workers that have been busting their ads and bending over backwards for Vince and his stooges.

      • joegvo

        What does that have to do with what I am talking about?

        • David

          It doesn’t really relate to your point, but Mike still makes a great point of his own.

          I know whenever I see or hear about Dana Warrior, I think of someone who completely sold out her husband’s legacy. Although to be fair to her, it was probably something she fought extremely hard against and caved to threats on her family (which she literally said happened on Twitter some months after Warrior’s death — that WWE was invading her privacy and she feared for her life, but of course that was removed very quickly). All we know is, WWE now has full-ownership of Warrior’s brand again (something he literally spent years fighting against and won for a time), and now that he’s dead, is making millions off of his name.

          But all rants aside, more people need to remember Warrior’s speech, and his intent for WWE’s countless backstage workers getting the recognition they deserve.

          • Pisto75666

            To be honest, Warrior didn’t have much of a legacy to sell out. Especially after all the ranting he did against Hogan and WWE

          • Ortiz

            David’s talking about a ***literal*** selling out, which he’s correct
            about. Not agreeing with Warrior’s opinions is another matter

            But if that’s your stance, don’t forget what Hogan and WWE have done to him throughout his life to justify those rants, between their constant court battles which Warrior won, and making a fully-featured DVD just over WWE’s utter contempt for the man. Even some in WWE like Triple H have since admitted most of what was on
            that ‘self-destruction’ dvd was an outrightlie to spitefully defame him. I’m not a fan of Warrior as a human being either, but morally-speaking he had every reason to be angry, which continues now beyond the grave.

          • Pisto75666

            So? WWE’s a petty company. They’ve always been that. And I’m sorry, I don’t care what they did to him, you don’t say the terrible stuff he said just because you’re angry. That he’s got an award named after him is laughable.

        • Mike

          I don’t know, every time I see “Dana Warrior” it’s only to present the award. I see her as nothing else besides that. It’s a really bad move to bring her in, imo. How long will it take for Vince to have a heel cut a promo or a backstage segment threatening Dana that Warrior isn’t here to protect her? Just an overall bad move, seeing her once a year is good enough.

  • TheVoicz

    “Sasha Blacks Career Basically Over”


    • Kaiser

      Of course she *should* be heavily reprimanded for this, but I’m not so sure she will be. For whatever reason it seems like Sasha is untouchable. Maybe Sasha has pics of Vince and Pat Patterson sucking her tranny weenie… who knows.

      Either way, we’ll know for sure after the outcome of this.

      • TheVoicz

        Sasha is black.. she’s FAR from being untouched lol.

    • Possible

      Nope. Nothing will come of it. It’s not like she just took out Asuka or something. While Paige may have been on the rise again, really there wasn’t much invested in her yet on this go around. Yah it sucks that she’s done, but they are not gonna get rid of Sasha for it. It will be looked at like Paige came back to soon and that will be that. Someone might whisper to Sasha to be a little more careful, all that will come it.

  • TheVoicz

    In truth though, man is that fucked for her.

  • John Howe

    Well, she can always go back to making pornos with other wrestlers, she seemed to know what she was doing, unlike her wrestling abilities.

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