RAW 25th Anniversary Surprises Reportedly a "Hot Topic" Within WWE

RAW 25th Anniversary Surprises Reportedly a “Hot Topic” Within WWE

The topic of which talents WWE will bring in for the RAW 25th anniversary show has been a hot topic of late among individuals within WWE. PWInsider reports that there was “a lot of talk” internally about which talents would be appearing over the last week.

As of this writing, the following names are confirmed legends for the event:

* The Undertaker
* Shawn Michaels
* Kevin Nash
* John Cena
* Brock Lesnar
* Jim Ross
* Jerry Lawler
* X-Pac

Active RAW Superstars being advertised include:

* Roman Reigns
* Seth Rollins
* Dean Ambrose
* Asuka
* Braun Strowman
* Alexa Bliss
* Samoa Joe
* Sheamus
* Cesaro
* Kane
* Kurt Angle

Active SmackDown Superstars advertised:

* AJ Styles
* Randy Orton
* Jinder Mahal

We will keep you updated if more names are “rumored” or confirmed for the event.


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  • Amos Cheek

    What’s Damien Demento nowadays?

  • Here’sJohnny!

    Isn’t Brock an “active” performer?

    • Zachary Whitney

      Not really. He’s seasonal.

      • Possible


      • Here’sJohnny!

        Fair enough..but certainly not “legend” status…

  • Frank Garrett

    Stone Cold…The Rock…CM Punk??

    • Here’sJohnny!

      1. Busy with his reality shows and podcasts
      2. no comment…I think he’s busy…
      3. LMFAO!

      • Pisto75666

        That’s really not fair to Punk. I mean, being a UFC failure takes up a crazy amount of time.

        • Here’sJohnny!

          No…that’s not an insult to Punk…this is more on the lines of..no way in hell because of his current relationship with WWE..

          • Pisto75666

            Oh I know that. I was trying (and failing I guess) at being snarky.

          • Here’sJohnny!

            Nope..no fail there…I caught it and gave you an upvote lol

  • Mal

    Stone Cold is announced to be there. The Rock maybe surprise via satellite. Only reason SD people would show up is for them to trash talk who is going to win the RR. Shane & Daniel Bryan could show up.

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