Pros & Cons of Randy Orton Taking Time Off

Pros & Cons of Randy Orton Taking Time Off

It was recently revealed that 13-time champion Randy Orton would be working a lighter schedule next year. According to various podcasts, interviews, and other sources, this was something Orton had been wanting for a long time. He’s done it all in WWE, so it’s not a bad idea to let him rest.

This is obviously a big decision, and there will be many consequences, good and bad. What are the pros and cons of Randy Orton’s altered schedule?


Pro: A Motivated Randy Orton

Remember last year when Randy Orton returned at Battleground? He was so happy back then. You could tell he was excited to be back. He was so enthusiastic and energetic. Fast forward to a year later, and people think Randy’s just going through the motions. He’s known to do that. It’s a known fact that when Orton doesn’t care, everyone will know.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. After disappearing every now and again, The Viper will miss wrestling. He’ll be excited to be in the ring. And we will be excited to see him.

Many people have been calling Orton “boring”, and while it’s not an unfounded complaint, it is unfortunate. The Apex Preadator is one of the best wrestlers on the roster. He’s just so naturally talented. By allowing himself to refresh, when Orton comes back, he can put in effort instead of coasting on his natural ability.



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  • Mr. Sinister

    Meh…. sleeveless sweater with Hair Orton is as plaid out as any of his previous identical personas. Time to call it a career unless for some improbable reason he has a light bulb turn on and he reinvents himself.

    • Shawn Puff

      I’ve been saying this forever. Viper with hair is the same as bald Viper is the same as Wyatt Viper is the same as shirtless Viper is the same as vest Viper. The guy is just plain bad at reinventing himself. He needs to smoke a fat bag of weed and come up with something new.

  • Mal

    Just put him in as an Authority figure where he appears once in a while as an enforcer. He doesn’t need to be the in main event picture any more. He had a pointless title run this past year. His story arc with the wyatts ended poorly. Dumb feud with Rusev which didn’t elevate him at all.

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