Triple H Reveals Why He Went "Over" Jinder Mahal In India

Triple H Reveals Why He Went “Over” Jinder Mahal In India

Triple H defeated Jinder Mahal when the company toured India last week. Triple H discussed his victory over Mahal with NBC Sports and indicated that he was more over in the country which is why he went over in the match.

“I often think it’s funny to me that people in America, who have never been to India, put their thoughts and their beliefs onto other people, ‘like clearly that’s the truth.’ (Laughs). It’s totally different there!” Triple H said. “The way they see things and react to things is very different. There are certain guys that once they reach a level there, it’s a whole different ballgame; Undertaker, [John] Cena. It’s just a different level of stardom.

“When we were over there a few months ago having business meetings, to hear the people who are running television studios or Internet companies say to me ‘I watched you when I was a teenager. You were like the biggest guy in the world.’ I met a massive Bollywood star the other day who told me that I was his entire childhood. He got suspended from school for telling someone to ‘suck it.’ At a time in ’96 when there were like three channels there, we were on one of them all of the time.

“It’s not to say Jinder wasn’t ‘over’ there. He was! You have to understand the market. It’s not like everyone just went, ‘Oh my God he’s Indian! He looks like us so we love him.’ They are a savvy market. They understand that he’s [playing] a bad guy [on television]. Even though he got a massive reaction, he still needs to earn their respect. He’s still growing and still new. You know what I mean?”

Triple H also mentioned that Mahal will emerge from the match a bigger star.

“Just even being on this tour will help him. The reaction he got at the beginning of the night was much different than the reaction he got at the end of the night. It just grew. Their appreciation of him grew. It was all handled in the right way and done in the right manner. Over time he’s going to grow and become a cultural icon for them.”


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  • TheVoicz

    “My shovel got rusty, I had to stay relevant.” – Hunter Hearst Helmsley

  • Trav

    By his logic there was never a reason to push him as a top guy to begin with.

    • Possible

      I’d like to see him try to use this same supposed logic as to why roman went over him just a few nights before. With statements like this he’s definitely pissing down everyone’s back and telling em it’s raining.

      • NoGoodMickey

        I hate to agree, but here we are.

  • David Hill

    I’m surprised he never mentioned that hes actually Canadian

  • daleh33

    This fools ego has runith over, he’s done but seems to think HE needs to come in every Mania and save the show. Hw ALWAYS makes sure more money is spent on his entrance at Mania and believes his own crap. Yup he was good in his day but people talk about Cena becoming stale for the same stuff over and over. Well this goof is the same, the same old Hunter as it was 10 years ago with the exception of bringing back dicks, I mean DX occasionally. It’s about time we see the senior citizens retire and let the new kids have fun. Just imagine how bad he’ll be in his wheelchair once Vince is gone and we’ll see Hunter being pushed by some jobber push him 5 feet, stop to bow and push him another 5 feet. Oh and we will get to see his Mania entrance that is based off of Terminator 15 costing the company more money then it will for every other entrance at the event.

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