Condition Revealed for Rich Swann's Release from Jail

Condition Revealed for Rich Swann’s Release from Jail

As previously reported, Rich Swann was released from jail on Sunday after being arrested for allegedly chasing down his wife and putting her in a headlock before dragging her back into the car.

Swann’s release paperwork has surfaced online and one of the conditions of his release is that he can’t have direct or indirect hostile contact with his wife.

Here is a copy of Swann’s release, courtesy of Heel By Nature:


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  • Melissa A. Klein

    I saw a video from to 818 somebody made that he was wearing prison Garb everybody thinks that this is hilarious it’s not somebody’s life and it’s also domestic violence this whole thing is a mess stop making light of these situations

    • vSnake

      Would you just leave this website

      • Mr. Sinister

        Just block this incoherent dictionary.

      • Shawn Puff

        Its still real to her damnit!!

        • Mike

          LMAO, I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING. You win today Shawn and it’s only 12:43!!

      • Mike

        This is the best part

      • L. Knight

        You spelled “kill yourself” wrong.

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