Naomi Says She Wants to Wrestle Beyonce

Naomi Says She Wants to Wrestle Beyonce

Here are some highlights from Naomi’s appearance on AfterBuzzTV, where revealed that she would want to face Beyonce in a WWE match and among other topics:

Wanting to face Beyonce someday: “I would have to say Beyonce, because she’s my idol. Beyonce is great at everything, you can’t be great at wrestling too. I think that is one thing she’s not good at and I would be better at her.”

Wanting to face Melina, Lita, Trish Stratus and more: “I would bring back some woman from the Attitude Era. Lita, I think she’s freaking amazing! Melina, that is definitely someone who influenced me. Trish of course! I thought some of those woman were killing it back then and I feel like because of the time period, a lot of those woman didn’t get the credit they deserve but they were kicking ass back then and also opened a lot of door for us.

Possibly opening a bar with her Jimmy Uso: “[Jimmy] and I eventually want to open some business. We’ve been talking about having our own bar, naming it the square circle, but it would be wrestling vibe and something relatable to us and for our fans.”

Wanting to own her own company: “I would love to have my own hair company. My own hair line, when I tell you I know everything is to know about hair, I’ve experience every type of hair, I’ve had every hair stylist, I’ve re-grown my hair out so many times I know so much about that which is why once I get my hands into it, I would be so good with it. I’m so passionate about hair! Especially as a black woman it’s just another whole – ya’ll don’t know the struggle (laughs). It’s an amazing business that I’m very interested in, it’s a multi billion dollar company.”


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  • Melissa A. Klein

    She probably has no idea who the fuck this girl is Beyonce she should really stick to realistic goals not this Yonce would never step in the rain for no matter money

    • SuckItMarks

      How about you learn proper grammar before you start cussing on here? You should think before you press the post button.

      • David

        Because any trashy, brainless child can curse. But using a ‘period’ at the end of a sentence would require a kindergarten or first grade education. For some, that’s simply setting the bar too high.

    • Omar

      I was going to mention the fact you still haven’t learned how to use grammar in your posts, but this one doesn’t even make sense if I added sentence structure for you. Please tell me English isn’t your first language. At least then you’d have a valid excuse.

    • Dumpalot Apops

      You no speaky good.,?

  • Kaiser

    “I think that is one thing she’s not good at and I would be better at than her.”

    Uh yeah, considering Beyonce isn’t a professional wrestler no-fucking-shit you would be better at it than her. So let me get this straight. Some manufactured media-whore/pop-singer is your idol (pretty immature and shallow for an grown-ass adult, but I digress), and so you want to top her and humiliate her at something she obviously has zero experience in? What? Why??

    Naomi, put down the crackpipe.

  • ScottyPNR

    Earn to wrestle before you throw out random names.

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