Sting Reveals Why He Probably Won't Have Neck Surgery

Sting Reveals Why He Probably Won’t Have Neck Surgery

While taking part in a Q&A session at The Wales Comic Con event in Wrexham on Saturday, Sting was asked about reports of him postponing the required neck surgery he needs to have on final match in WWE. Sting would deny those claims and reveal exactly why he hasn’t got the surgery done yet.

“I have never said ‘one more match’ ever. I’d like to have one more match, I’d like to have that Undertaker match. The only reason I held off on the surgery is because I had guys like Stone Cold saying don’t do it.”

The Stinger continued, “I don’t have any side effects? I can still work out and it doesn’t bother me, I don’t get a sore neck from sleeping or anything so why would I get surgery? If you don’t need it, don’t do it.”


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  • Erick Schreiber

    Smart decision Steve. No need to get back in the ring, there is nothing left to prove.

    Sure, Sting vs Undertaker would have been a great match……10 maybe 15 years ago. But now it would just tarnish your legacies.

    • Possible

      That’s not what he’s saying at all tho…..

    • daleh33

      I think a Taker match would work great. They would both know how to protect each other. instead of these younger guys trying to out muscle Taker. They have both been thru the ropes many times and know how to work matches so they don’t have to try new crap. Hell between Sting and Flair, they had like 5 or 6 moves yet always put on great matches. It would be no different since neither guy has ever had a rep of causing damage to anyone else. Probably 2 of the smartest/safest wrestlers of all time.

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