Reason Why Sting Hasn't Got Neck Surgery Yet

Reason Why Sting Hasn’t Got Neck Surgery Yet

As everyone is aware, Sting announced his retirement from professional wrestling at last year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony after he suffered a career ending neck injury in his Night of Champions match against Seth Rollins back in 2015.

Dave Meltzer discussed Sting’s status on Wrestling Observer Radio during his mailbag segment and mentioned that Sting has yet to get the surgery he needs done. The belief is that Sting hasn’t opted to get the surgery because it will effect his day-to-day life. Also, if Sting does get the surgery he will not be able to wrestle anyways. Meltzer noted that eventually he will need to get the surgery at some point in his life, but hinted that it’s not needed immediately.

Sting remains under a “Legends” deal with the company and will still make appearances if the company needs him to.


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  • Prime

    Man, I really hope Sting can recover without surgery. He was still legit at 56 when he got hurt. No one had to carry him in his matches like we’ve seen with other guys that stayed active too long. Its a shame that’s the way his last match had to end. It would have been great to see him with the WWE strap just once.


    give me my sting/taker moment please wwe !!!!!!

  • daleh33

    This year should’ve been Taker vs Sting at Mania. They are going to try and push Roman who still has years left in him over letting the fans have their Taker/Sting finale they have been waiting years for.

  • Michael

    It’s just so sad. Unfortunately part of it was Sting’s fault. He shouldn’t have wasted his years on the sidelines once WCW went out of business along with TNA. He could of had rivalries with Stone Cold, the Rock, Brock Lesnar, and the Undertaker. What should have been done is Sting should have beaten HHH and maybe lost to the Undertaker the year after. If HHH didn’t want to do the job, someone else should have taken the job to lose to Sting, like a Bray Wyatt. I don’t blame Seth Rollins as much as I blame the company. I couldn’t believe that the WWE would allow a 56 year old wrestler to be thrown into the turnbuckles like that. You got to have a limit on how to use wrestlers at a certain age. Not everyone at a old age is gonna take the bumps like Ric Flair. I hope Sting gets the final match at Wrestlemania whether its the Undertaker or someone else. I’d love to see him win his first Mania. Can’t see it winning against the Undertaker cause Vince wouldn’t allow that. He wouldn’t want his top guy to lose to (Vince’s words) a WCW guy.

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