Brie Bella Believes Women Will Main Event WrestleMania

Brie Bella Believes Women Will Main Event WrestleMania

The Belfast Telegraph recently spoke with Brie Bella. Here are highlights from the interview:

WWE signing the first women from India and the Middle East: “I think it’s incredible. I just love when you see how the world is becoming more open, and you’re seeing women in WWE especially breaking these barriers. We’re literally witnessing history. It’s open to any country in the world to now be a part of WWE.”

WrestleMania event featuring only women: “I feel like for women, we’re on the way to main eventing WrestleMania. I feel like we’re on the way to where it won’t even be about the women and the men, but just Superstars. I really love that, and I couldn’t be more proud of the women in WWE.”

WWE as a platform to inspire young woman: “There is nothing like a strong, confident woman for young girls to look up to. I am so grateful I have a daughter who in the future can turn on WWE and see these women, and follow them and see that they’re good people, to see them doing all these things for charity, but also to see how confident they are. I think that’s so important, to teach young girls confidence. The fact they can look up to these WWE wrestlers, and be like ‘I’m going to stand up for myself.’ We’re so lucky to have this many women in WWE, for young girls to look up to.”


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  • Johnny D

    As long as its NOT a Bella.

  • Ortiz

    You know you’re desperate for attention if all you can do is talk about people with the same genitalia as you.

    • Omar


      Instead of going on and on how having a vagina somehow makes you special in WWE, she might want to focus on being a marginally good wrestler.

      • Shawn Puff

        Well you can’t talk about something you don’t get. Lol

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  • Karen B.

    Speaking as a female, these remarks reek of total disingenuous BS. Please don’t offend our intelligence.

    Instead of inflating your own ego pretending women in entertainment can change the world somehow just by existing, actually do something productive? You could use your voice to get more women to improve laws in the US to get mothers more maternity leave. Outside of state level and specific employer benefits, the US is literally among the lowest on the planet for maternity leave time (which is unpaid in the US) so they can actually raise their child. THAT would help advance women’s lives. After all, aren’t you a mother pregnant with a second child?

    Or are you purposely regurgitating these meaningless talking points about women just because it’s fashionable right now, and you get to look morally superior to morons dumb enough to buy it?

    • Omar

      That was beautiful.

      You nailed every single thing I hate about the phoney virtue signaling we see spewing into everything lately.

  • L. Knight

    Women HAVE Main Evented WrestleMania… they billed WrestleMania 32 as a Triple Main Event for fuck’s sake; Triple H/Reigns, Sasha/Becky/Charlotte and Shane/’Taker.

    • Shawn Puff

      Yes, but it wasn’t a Bella so that doesn’t count in her world

  • ScottyPNR

    That’s not gonna happen. Brie Bella is one of the worst female wrestlers of all time. That says alot because more than 90% of the current women’s roster is straight trash

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