Kane Not Sticking Around Very Long

Kane Not Sticking Around Very Long

As seen on this week’s Monday Night RAW, Kane returned to the WWE in his Demon persona costing Roman Reigns his match against Braun Strowman. It was later revealed by The Miz that the Devil’s Favorite Demon would be the fifth member of his team against the Shield at the TLC pay-per-view.

According to Mike Johnson of PW Insider the Big Red Machine’s return is only expected to be short-lived one.

Johnson reports that Kane’s return will only last for a month and revealed his return has been in works for several weeks now. Also, most of the talent backstage was unaware of his return as WWE  had aimed to keep it a secret.


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  • Melissa A. Klein

    Because I don’t know if anybody knows about this but next month is the election season and he’s running for mayor of Knoxville Tennessee so if he wins he’s not going to be in the WWE for 4 years at least I don’t know why they decided to do this dumbass move

    • Donovan

      Not sure where you got your information but the mayoral election isn’t until next year…

      • Kaiser

        Don’t mind Melissa. Her typical posts are just making stupid shit up, and then getting needlessly angry over the information she made up in her sad reality.

        • TheVoicz

          What are you talking about she makes perfect sense about everything and always will be in Professional Wrestling what are you talking about man let me tell you something every day people have to live their lives in a way where they are able to properly breathe and sometimes there are those who have to struggle with those who cannot always breathe to the point where you might wake up dead one day watch this is why I enjoy karma trust me I believe in this just as much as I always believe in my own stories get ready I swear something is going to happen to everyone on this website Vince McMahon is going to buy this website and have his balls hung and stretched out on Stephanie McMahon’s face his own daughter because Steve Carrier is not a man but a raccoon instead you watch it’s going to be a takeover when Vince McMahon took over WCW and bought Ted Turner’s company just you want the new Balls order will happen eventually and Kofi Kingston will one day be the first black heavyweight champion ever it’s going to last for a super long time before another white man takes over the company and he’ll really die in real life no kayfabe whatsoever it’ll be in the papers and everyone will read it to be true and Jim Ross will commentate once again before being thrown off the Hell In A Cell cage and then challenged to a three way Diva’s World Champion match and it’ll be on Wrestlemania 59 Starcade and Triple HHH will return as the Brauma Bull and he’s gonna conquer everybody he touches and then will end up pregnant you watch my words I mark them I swear.

          • IMO

            How in the world do you write something with only a single period at the end? It is impossible to read or understand.

    • Erick Schreiber

      He had too. Guys like Kane have to have one last hurrah. Knowing like you said, if he wins the election his career is over.

      Save for his entry into the HoF. TLC will probably be Kanes last WWE appearance.

      • George Buckley

        no Raw NOv 27th in his home town, where he is running for Mayor will be…Nov 27th in Knoxville

    • Frank Garrett

      Would you pleeeeeeaaaassseee shut the HELL up??

    • mutantbeast

      Glenn Jacobs is approaching 50 yrs of age. You saw what the Undertaker looked like at WM last year, soits probablly time for Jacobs to hang up the mask and costume anyway. Besides, hes considered a conservative libertarian politically, and that plays well in Knoxville.

    • Michae

      Not Knoxville. It’s Knox County, which is a much smaller town.

      • Jeff Newman

        Knoxville is Knox county. Its Knoxville and the surrounding communities. Knox County is not a town.

        • George Buckley

          very well put Michae…..Knox county is a county and not a town..

    • George Buckley

      because Raw is in KNoxville Nov. 27th…. could be his swan song since he will be home then.

  • Mr. Sinister

    Meh…his character went to Shit when they stupidly removed his mask the first time. Was never the same again. Great run otherwise. He came a long way since Isaac and fake Diesel.

    • L. Knight

      I didn’t mind the mask removal, honestly. I liked how it made him go insane.

      Setting Jr on fire? Remember that?

      He was never the same after Corporate Kane for me. Once I saw Kane in a suit IN WWE, the mystique was gone.

      • Roberto Arreaga

        Or how about jumper cables to Shane O Mac’s grapefruits.

      • Mr. Sinister

        He was insane from the get go.
        Removing the mask was done to help promote the horror flick WWE made with him at the time.

        Movie bombed which made that division look even more stupid.

        Corporate Kane was another nail in the coffin for that character. But it all started with the mask removal.

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