Hulk Hogan Reveals Who He Wants His Final Match Against

Hulk Hogan Reveals Who He Wants His Final Match Against

During a Q&A that was uploading to Hulk Hogan’s YouTube channel, Hulk Hogan was asked which current WWE WWE Superstar he’d like to have a match with. Hogan would reveal that he would like the match to be against Braun Strowman.

“If I could wrestle one WWE Superstar because I probably got one left in me, it’d be Braun Strowman,” said Hogan. Because I know that even though he’s getting over and he’s really getting over and he’s really getting over, I think that if he ran into the power of Hulkamania it’d blow him and his career through the roof. But we’d have a good time finding out what he’s made of, brother.”

You can check out footage from the Q&A embedded in the video below:


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  • Paul von Carstein

    What Hulk means; ‘here’s a young guy finding his feet but getting over big time. I could make a lot of money by giving him a leg drop’.

  • Byron Koukaras

    You really gotta talk bad about Hulk Hogan just because he wants to Wrestle someone & even though he would win , your Pathetic Paul von Carstein get a life, your No Hulk Hogan Fan , I’m a Hulk Hogan Fan , he can Wrestle who ever he wants, it’s his last match if it were to happen & he needs to win anyway & I want him to if he did come back to WWE & Wrestled 1 More Match , all you do is talk trash about Hulk Hogan that’s wrong , you don’t like him ??? Please keep it to yourself ??⭐️?

    • Mr. Sinister

      Well….to be honest….Hogan does suck. He did and is still trying to keep himself at the top of the food chain by playing politics. Always latching on to the latest and greatest to extend his career.

      He needs to just stay retired. There’s no need to blemish his legacy with a sub par match just to cling onto one last ride with the younger generation.


      • L. Knight

        Well.. He sucks now. But back when wrestling was slow-paced, headlocks for days, etc., he was easily the best. His style was capable of evolving in WCW when flippy shit being a thing, but now… He might get a pop if he dropped a leg on someone, but he’s not gonna be putting on a 5-star classic. Not unless he was in there with someone able to carry him to the moon.

  • ScottyPNR

    Give it up Terry you’re old as fuck and won’t sell shit for Stroman. Time to retire. You don’t need another match.

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