Hulk Hogan Reveals Who He Wants His Final Match Against

During a Q&A that was uploading to Hulk Hogan’s YouTube channel, Hulk Hogan was asked which current WWE WWE Superstar he’d like to have a match with. Hogan would reveal that he would like the match to be against Braun Strowman.

“If I could wrestle one WWE Superstar because I probably got one left in me, it’d be Braun Strowman,” said Hogan. Because I know that even though he’s getting over and he’s really getting over and he’s really getting over, I think that if he ran into the power of Hulkamania it’d blow him and his career through the roof. But we’d have a good time finding out what he’s made of, brother.”

You can check out footage from the Q&A embedded in the video below:


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