TNA Wrestling No Longer Called Global Force Wrestling

TNA Wrestling No Longer Called Global Force Wrestling

Anthem Sports is once again referring to their wrestling company as Impact Wrestling and not Global Force Wrestling. PWInsider reports that they have reached out for comment regarding the change but have not received any response back.

It was noted last week that when Jeff Jarrett and Impact Wrestling merged to become Global Force wrestling, the two sides did not completely work out all the final details. It’s looking like Anthem will move away from using the GFW name now that Jarrett is on a leave of absence.


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  • Mr. Sinister

    This “company” is a complete joke.

  • Melissa A. Klein

    Shit now they’re going to have to get new titles and spend more money this is fucking hilarious

  • George DE ANIMAL

    Just shut the company down. Its a joke. The talents deserve better
    than this.

  • joegvo
    • Harlin S. Neal

      Is this the Ricoh Coliseum? If that’s the case, then not a bad location.

      • joegvo

        No. Aberdeen Pavillion.

    • Anthony Missionary Thomas
      • Steven Millan

        😀 😀

  • Rob Meadows

    just sell the tapes and broken gimmick to WWE and be done with it already…….

    • TheBigKing1


  • Philip Manley

    That roster should start checking the wanted ads

  • NoGoodMickey

    I have nothing to say that the people below or above me haven’t already said.

  • David

    I don’t believe this! It’s a disaster! TNA was changed to Impact Wrestling and then GFW and now back as Impact Wrestling. Right, that’s it. It’s time for Anthem to sell the company to WWE. Perhaps WWE could do their very first six-sided ring for the sixth WWE TV show. It shall be known as WWE Impact!

    • David

      Do you know what I think? I think GFW should do some supershows. You know, like GFW/AAA Supershow, GFW/Pro Wrestling Noah Supershow and GFW/WOS Supershow.

      • David

        GFW should have some new championships. Like GFW Television Championship, GFW United States Championship, GFW Knockouts Tag Team Championship, GFW Universal Championship, GFW Cruiserweight Championship,
        GFW Intercontinental Championship, GFW Million Dollar Championship and GFW Six-Man Tag Team Championship.

  • Daniel Crabtree

    it’s a very very bad sign when a company can’t even brand itself

    • TheBigKing1

      Yeah, Facts!

  • mason williams
  • Bob Filarowski

    When will Anthem do what’s “best for business” and sell to WWE??

  • Admiral Acbon

    Psh… They’re still TNA to me.

    • TheBigKing1


  • TheBigKing1

    SMH. What’s wrong with this company? SMDH! They are always all over the place. Cant even make up their mind on their own company name. Sh*t, no wonder the whole company is a mess. SMH!

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