Sting Says He Can Still Wrestle

Sting Says He Can Still Wrestle

While appearing Live on Facebook, Sting revealed that he is able to still wrestle, but he simply chooses not to and that’s the reason we haven’t seen him in action.

“I can still wrestle,” Sting said. “I can still wrestle! I’m just not going to.”

When asked if he would be open to an on-air role on WWE programming, similar to what Kurt Angle is doing now, Sting responded with the following:

“Yeah, I might consider something like that,” Sting said.

You can listen to his remarks in the video embedded below:


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  • daleh33

    The ONLY match he should wrestle is Taker, at their ages they both have been thru the ropes many times and know just how to protect each other from being injured. Some of the newer guys go more for the WOW and people get hurt and the matches suffer because they are focused on certain moves instead of “telling a story”. Sting and Taker could take their time to create a match that would keep them from major injury all while entertaining fans. That should also be their last matches because it would need to end in a draw. It sucks that Sting has lost both matches in the WWE, he was set to lose to Rollins before he was injured, just because Vince didn’t want the hold-out to beat HIS WWE guys.

    • Omar

      I’m still pissed Taker wasn’t “THE MATCH” Sting had years back at the moment he came to WWE.

      The top 3 people in the company’s ego over making a quality product. That’s still the biggest reason I don’t watch WWE today.

  • Kaiser

    Realtalk translation:

    “I can still wrestle!” Sting said. “It’ll just be really sad to watch, so I’m just not going to.”

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