We noted last week that WWE could possibly be making more cuts to the current product. The company has already decided to discontinue the usage of pyros at WWE events and they also cancelled Talking Smack, The Edge & Christian Show, R-Truth’s Game Show plans & Renee Young’s Unfiltered show on the WWE Network.

Dave Meltzer discussed these cuts on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and revealed exactly why they are making these cuts. Apparently the company promised more profits last year and came short of what they had in mind and attributed it to the company’s spending. WWE decided that they would spend less this year so they pulled pyros and canceled shows on the WWE Network.

Another reason they’re making cuts has to do with the number of fans NOT subscribing to the WWE Network. They were hoping for more network subscribers this year but fell short of what they had in mind. It’s also being said that the growth after WrestleMania was less than expected.

WWE is hopeful with the cuts of Network shows that people don’t really watch and the cuts of non-revenue generated expenses, will help increase the bottom line profits.

Steve Carrier

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