Reason The Great Khali Returned to WWE Revealed

Reason The Great Khali Returned to WWE Revealed

As seen at Sunday’s WWE Battleground event, The Great Khali made his return in the main event Punjabi Prison match that saw Jinder Mahal successfully defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton.

Dave Meltzer discussed Khali’s return on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer mentioned the Khali is back for the time being and the reason they brought him in was so that he could get Jinder over. The feeling is Jinder isn’t very popular in India and a rub from Khali could really help him over in that demographic.

Meltzer speculated that the initial Jinder push wasn’t really working in India because there wasn’t an increase in revenue. With Khali being aligned with Jinder, the belief is it could possibly help gain revenue in merchandise and WWE Network subscriptions in India.


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  • Possible

    I thought this idea was gonna be used ever since they first started this whole jinder thing

  • Free America

    So he was made the champion because he was supposed to sell merch in India? Since hes not, instead of finding a new champion, they bring back Khali?? WWE logic SMH

  • Ryzing_Terra

    I….honestly have no words.

  • Souradeep Sen Gupta

    Fucking garbage.
    Land of opportunities?

  • Eugene Debs

    Jinder Mahal rules.

  • Djmaestro Themercenarydj’s

    I really dunno why people put some much stock in what Meltzer says, but I’ll keep scrolling like he’s not breaking news

    • Dave Edge

      Agreed. It’s as if what Meltzer says must be true because he said it

  • Kaiser

    Jinder isn’t even from India, yet pretends to be. WWE is taking India’s viewers for complete imbeciles if they thought he was getting over there.

    He’ll get over in other countries as a hell long before he’ll ever get over as a face with the “I’m Indian” gimmick.

    • Kaiser

      *heel 😛

  • ScottyPNR

    Dalip Singh is actually from India. Jinder is a Punjabi Canadian. Jinder and khali were fired yet jinder has the most prestigious title in wrestling. It nice to have change for once but jinder was a bad choice. I’d rather have santino marella have the wwe or world title. At least he’s a legit wrestler. He was just made into a joke.

  • Jonny Angel

    How can Khali help anyone get over when Khali was made into a jobber his last few years in WWE. Khali could barely win a match in his last run with the company

  • CostelloEmpire


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