WWE Teases Huge UFC vs. WWE Feud

WWE Teases Huge UFC vs. WWE Feud

During Friday’s Mae Young Classic tapings at Full Sail University, WWE did an angle that saw a tease between WWE and UFC’s Four Horsewomen.

After one of Shayna Baszler’s matches in the tournament, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Bayley were shown at ringside on the opposite side of Ronda Rousey and her crew. Both sides had words with each other and it was made obvious WWE has something planned between the two sides, as the angle was recorded.

Here is footage from the angle:


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  • jason

    All I want to see is charlotte vs Ronda

    • ScottyPNR

      Ronda would fuck her up. Ronda might be seriously hurt without proper training, with the botches she is responsible for.

      • jason

        You right but I mean if the WWE is teasing it maybe she already trained I don’t I guess

    • David Dierlam

      Ronda vs. Nia Jax

  • Melissa A. Klein

    I really hope that this happens and I really hope that we get to see the footage on the tournament when it airs

  • Philip Manley

    Ronda and Brock in a mixed tag team at Wrestlemania

  • FritoBandito

    Looks like a great cross-promotional opportunity for both companies. How far it progresses likely depends on how willing the UFC competitors are to go along with a “sports entertainment” program. Obviously, a legitimate fight is out of the question.

    At this stage, Rousey probably has a brighter future in the WWE than the UFC.

    Never been a big fan, but it looks like Becky Lynch did a great job riling up the crowd. Too bad Sasha Banks was in New Zealand at the time.

  • Kleck

    Need some camera work there Mikayla

    • JasonP27

      I felt like vomiting from the sudden movement and inexplicable zooming in and out

  • PNMonkey

    Bet they are angling for Wrestlemainia Charlotte, Becky, Bailey, and Sasha vs. Rousey and her crew

    • Possible

      Rousey and her crew lol! Um you know, that chick that’s Roderick strongs wife!

  • Johnny D

    Rhonda has one move and its that arm bar hold. When she face Holm she finally fought someone who kicked her ass. Shes also trailer trash. Yea when you put some make up on her she looks ok I guess, but when you put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig.

  • TheVoicz

    Uh yea I’d like to see Ronda arm bar Stephanie Horsejaw McMahon, and that square hormonally treated jaw of that post ops cock sucker.

  • daleh33

    I love you people fallin for this shit, they’ve been “teasin” this for what…2 or 3 years already and nothing is gonna happen. No way either Vince OR Dana are gonna give up the slightest bit of control to any of their people. As for those saying Ronda would f up Char…you do realize if they do wind up in a match, it won’t be a real fight you morons.

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