Reby Hardy Calls Out Jeff Jarrett -- Says They Had An Agreement As of Last Week for "BROKEN" Gimmick

Reby Hardy Calls Out Jeff Jarrett — Says They Had An Agreement As of Last Week for “BROKEN” Gimmick

Jeff Jarrett claimed that there was no deal between The Hardy Boyz and Antheme over useage of the “BROKEN” gimmick during today’s GFW conference call. Reby Hardy took to her Twitter account after word got out of Jeff’s remarks and posted a series of tweets:

“I’m going to have to start ‘clarifying’ things by recording phone calls, apparently. Everything out of this loser’s mouth is BS.

Why tho ?

We had agreement terms as of LAST WEEK. Included non-disparagement clause to the tune of 5k every time I tweet something about TNA…

…but according to @RealJeffJarrett, there is nothing ? OKAY ! ? Who’s up for another run of #f***ThatOwl shirts ? They’ll be up by 2mor.

I haven’t said anything FOR WEEKS. Meanwhile, Jeff, Dutch & Ed all can’t seem to be able to keep us out of their mouths. Snakes.

‘Jeff Jarrett says…’
‘Jeff Jarrett says…’

OK, I’m seeing what he says, but what does he DO ? Well, make Del Rio champion, for one…

…I promise you, he knew exactly what was going on there. Meanwhile he’s worried about how WE’RE making $ ? #priorities #makeimpactgreatLOL”



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  • Peterjohnjoseph

    Some may call what she does overboard, but damn I love this woman. She’s that special type of crazy that fights for her family. I’m sure that crazy also causes fights within her family too, but medium-to-small price to pay. Keep doing what you’re doing, Reby.

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