Fan Tossed from Monday's RAW

Fan Tossed from Monday’s RAW

There was an incident in the audience during Monday’s episode of RAW where a fan thought it was a good idea to blow up a beach ball and bounce it around to other fans in attendance during the cruiserweight tag team match. Well, that fan’s night didn’t end very well as security at the event tossed him out of the arena as a result of his actions.

The distractions during the cruiswerweight match didn’t end there. A “CM Punk” chant broke up during the match all because a fan in attendance came to the show wearing a CM Punk t=shirt.

Here is footage of the beach ball incident:


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  • ScottyPNR

    That is got to be the dumbest reason to kick someone out. Over a fucking beachball. Fuck outta here

  • Corey Payne

    For god sake

  • Markeith Jones

    He inflated 2 and then was kicked out after the third warning. He tried to inflate the third and was caught. Everyone chanted let him stay amd called the security asses.

  • Herb

    Good, I hope people will stop with that bs of a beach ball

    • Possible

      If they want to play with a beach ball I say let them. They paid their money to see wrestling but if they would rather bounce the ball, I say go for it. This ain’t nazi Germany, don’t have to sit there and take whatever.

    • TheVoicz

      Hope it happens even more now.

      Be more entertaining than all of RAW in the past 10 years.

  • Omar

    Let me get this straight. A fucking BEACH BALL was more interesting than the actual product all of these people paid to see, so they had security forcibly come in to remove the competition.

    Of course WWE doesn’t wish to admit their *actual* problem.

  • Amos Cheek

    If WWE would actually start booking good shows,this stuff wouldn’t happen.

  • Loopy Popper

    If security let him in the gate with three beachballs, what did they think he was going to do with them?

    • Mark1896

      That’s a great question to anyone dumb enough to defend WWE on this… even though I have yet to see legit confirmation that there was more than 1 ball.

      But even if it was only 1 deflated ball taking up somebody’s bag walking in, it’s not like they check all your bags and feel up your body before you’re allowed into these events now.

  • Ivan

    wwe is becoming a tyranny

  • Philip Manley

    The fan wearing the CM Punk shirt got thrown out as well I suppose.

    • David Thomas

      Imagine what they would do to someone wearing a Chris Benoit shirt.

      • Omar

        Probably the same thing they did to the guy wearing a CM Punk shirt, or the guy carrying a “JBL BULLIED ME” sign, or the guy who brought in a beach ball.

        All of which, equally moronic reasons to forcibly remove a paying customer from the arena as if they were a criminal.

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