Rhea Ripley made dramatic and triumphant return on RAW this week after vacating the WWE Women’s World Championship due to an injury in April.

During the July 8 edition of Monday Night RAW, the main event saw Liv Morgan cause a major distraction by wielding a chair against Rey Mysterio, allowing Dominik Mysterio to deliver a low blow and secure the win with a splash. Liv then jumped into Dominik’s arms, with Mysterio looking to almost give in to her advances.

At that moment, Rhea Ripley’s entrance music hit, halting the celebration. Morgan quickly fled through the crowd, leaving Mami to confront her Dom Dom. Dominik tried to explain himself backstage as the show concluded, but Ripley shoved him away, clearly furious.

According to PWInsider, while all other members of her faction, Judgment Day, are currently listed as heels, Rhea Ripley is now listed as a babyface, which befits her rivalry with Liv Morgan that began months ago.


“Rhea Ripley is now listed as a babyface internally, whilst the other members of The Judgment Day remain listed as heels currently in WWE.”

Moreover, Ripley’s return video on WWE’s official YouTube channel has amassed massive traction, underscoring the excitement surrounding her comeback. With The Eradicator back on WWE television, fans eagerly anticipate how she will handle Dominik Mysterio, given her apparent feelings of betrayal and target the woman who made it her mission to snatch everything from her, Liv Morgan.

What did you think of Rhea Ripley’s shocking return on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW? Do you think Ripley going forward as a babyface is the right decision to make internally? Sound off in the comments!

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