With Ricochet’s contract due to expire in the summer of 2024, he was written off WWE television during this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. In the wake of his eventual departure from the company, Mark Henry has now shed light on where WWE faltered with Ricochet.

During the June 10th edition of Monday Night RAW, Bron Breakker utterly annihilated Ricochet by throwing him against car and viciously beating him up to the point he had to be stretched into an ambulance, with Samantha Irvin in tow, as he was written off television.

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry offered his insights on where WWE may have made a mistake with Ricochet during a recent segment on Busted Open Radio. Henry noted that Ricochet is someone who doesn’t like confrontation and WWE put Ricochet in the shadow of other people. He pointed out that there were instances where Ricochet should have just said no to losing matches.

“He can very easily be put in the shadow of people because Ricochet is a good guy. He’s very professional, and he also don’t like confrontation and making waves. The squeaky wheel, he is not the squeaky wheel, and if there was ever a case for him to be one, I could point out about three times that he should have said, ‘No, I’m not f**king losing to him. If he can beat me up, then, yeah, but no. I’ve been doing business and you’re all going to kill me off.’ I would have told them, ‘You’re going to kill me off.’”


CM Punk also had an unexpected reaction to Ricochet being written off WWE television. Nevertheless, many fans will likely agree with what Mark Henry had to say about Ricochet’s plight in WWE.

Do you believe WWE truly dropped the ball on Ricochet? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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